The Joys of Cooking When Exploring

Individuals who are interested in camping out will need a minimum of cookware in order to cook with. At the very least, a frying pan made from a pie tin and a coffee pot will allow a camper to prepare meals. These can be readily carried along with a full pack of needed supplies. Campers and hikers can use recipes for camp cooking, but nothing can take the place of the experiences of real campout cooking from scratch. For this reason, anyone planning to camp should practice cooking over a fire beforehand especially since the improvised frying pan is fragile and not to be handled roughly. Of course, one can really rough it and eat what’s available in the wild such as indigenous plants.

Cooking while camping out can be more pleasurable and easier by upgrading from the barest of cookware. A real frying pan is much easier to use than a pie tin and will especially be appreciated when cooking for a number of people. They are needed in the instance that a permanent camp is being set up. A coffee pot that has a bail as well as a handle is much easier to use than one that only has a handle. Also, cookware that has lips are better than spouts since the unsoldering of the spouts is possible from the direct heat of the fire.

Eating when camping is generally a pleasurable experience and can be enhanced both by recipes and cooking methods. It is important to be aware of the wood that is being used to cook with. Pitchy wood can give an unpleasant taste to anything that is cooked over it. There are many cookbooks that are available that deal with cooking over campfires and in the outdoors. While not a necessity, campers would do well to consult one for easy and portable ideas for meals in the wild. Don’t get too comfortable with bringing gadgets from home though, as you’ll simply have to do without your stylish clothing.

It is important when camping out to make sure that great care is taken with the food because it is not easily replaced. Care should be taken to pack food in a way that it will not spoil. Meat can be salted and placed in a thin bag to keep insects and flies from it. Also, dishes, utensils and cookware should be cleaned immediately after use and dried with a dish cloth. This is important because campers do not want to draw wildlife into their camp. Should this happen, you can defend yourself using pain ointment to creatively run anything off.