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If you are looking for other places to visit, consider travelling to Castellon, Spain. If you love history, then you would certainly love Castellon. The town is now also popular with locals and tourist alike with its beautiful casas castellon as well as well-maintained coastline. The magnificent mountainous scenery as well as the beautiful landscape is just some of the things that you would not surely regret.

Cathedrals built during the baroque period as well as palaces and castles are just some of the places worth visiting. (Santa María de Lladó Basilica is a favourite because of the story that a humbled ploughman found a statue of the Virgin Mary in the place. | One of the favourite churches in the town is the Santa Maria del Llado Basilica which is said to be the place where a statue of the Virgin was found. | In the place where the Basilica of Santa Maria de Llado stand is where a humble ploughman discovered a statute of the Virgin Mary. | One of the favourites in the place is the Basilica of Santa Maria, where a statute of the Virgin Mary was said to be buried.} Consider yourself lucky, if you visit the Teatro Principal, there are famous arts and paintings by master artist displayed in the lobby of the Teatro. The Ribalta Park is also one of the places worth visiting. Enjoy going through different arts and crafts being sold during fairs.

If you are a food lover then this place certainly has its share of sumptuous food and local delicacies. One would enjoy local delicacies such as paellas which are served in casas alcossebre up to the fine dine restaurants. Staples also include rice dishes. Tapas are also a staple in every town in Spain. if you love tapas, then try out the different styles of tapa cooking in the province. Visit inmobiliaria costa azahar today to know more on how to enjoy casas castellon today!