Musings on Play & Learn products. The Rattler.

There are many different types of Play & Learn Products available for Toddlers & young children, from the most basic flashy rattler to the more complex ‘Smart’ toys, for me it is important to find the learning angle.

What really makes these products work?

On my quest to find some funky and fun Play & Learn products, for toddlers and young children (I hate to use the word product but it fits the bill), I have been torn between what category I like best, Play & Learn, Books, Software or Toys, so far I have yet to decide, the thing is they all have their merits and downfalls.

But of all the products that I think are on the market I think the most important Play & learn Product(Blahh) is the Rattler, as old as time and a founding father of all Play & Learn products.

The Rattler basic, yes, throw away, for sure! but look at what it brings to your baby, watch your baby bang the rattler against their forehead, how many times does this happen until they eventually get it to their mouth every-time, Hand eye coordination in its early form.

The sound it makes as it rattles, little ears listening, not yet been able to distinguish between the different sounds and their sources, building sound banks in their mind that will remain forever.

There is also the tactile element to the Rattler, maybe the most important, enabling grip and strength, little Baby hands finding their way! 

There is an age of new stuff out there that will teach and help our little ones grow,Books, Software, and Toys are just some of the categories, not to mention the new world of so called Smart products,but it would seem that in the ever changing world the Baby Rattler, filthy and slimy, stands resolute in its stature as the number one Play & Learn product.

Just some musings, more to come:

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