Life with no menstrual cramps: Natural solutions

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) affects over half the female population who are of child bearing age. PMS is the generalized term for a group of symptoms that many women suffer each month before the onset of their monthly period. PMS symptoms include crying, sensitivity, anger, irritability, depression, mood swings, bloating, abdominal cramps.

The first, and probably most common home remedy for bad period cramps is heat. Applying a heating pad, hot water bottle, or taking a warm bath, can help soothe, and relax the uterine contractions causing the pain. Leaving the heating pad, or hot water bottle on for 15-30 minutes at a time, is optimal. You should never put a heated bottle, or pad directly on bare skin, always have a barrier so the skin does not burn. You can place it on your lower abdomen, or on your back depending on where your pain is located.

A healthy balanced diet is a major step when trying to reduce bad menstrual cramps. Bromelain is an enzyme that aids in muscle relaxation and can be found in pineapples. Eating foods that contain zinc, calcium and vitamin B will also help relieve not only bad menstrual cramps but bloating as well. Reducing salt, sugar and caffeine will also help reduce the symptoms.

Women strive to find PMS Remedies to alleviate their symptoms in many ways. There are things one can do to feel better. Common used natural PMS remedies are herbal teas. Chamomile tea for example, can be used to alleviate anxiety, tension headaches, bloating and to regulate bowel movements. Valerian tea is a sleep inducible type of herb, it is more potent and it helps to calm and relax somebody who is nervous or tense.

There are also vitamin supplements used as PMS Remedies. Some have natural soy known to support womens hormonal balance. In order for the vitamin supplements to work during PMS, they must be taken on a daily basis to help the body build up endurance. Natural food stores contain a variety of these supplements. They all range in price and brand names. There are things such as stress relievers or PMS remedy relief products in general. More specific PMS remedies are supplements that help the dysphonic symptoms such as St. Johns worth and other herbal supplements can fight fatigue such as Spirulin which helps with energy support.

Femivil is another healthy alternative. It is an all-natural supplement that is comprised of six herbs that have been clinically proven to help with PMS symptoms as well as bad menstrual cramps. It will help reduce mood swings and breast soreness, it will fight fatigue and aid in better sleep, and most importantly it will relieve the bad menstrual cramps that can hamper every day activities. It is the only PMS fighting supplement that is backed by rigorous laboratory tests.

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