11 Fun Treats to Serve with Chocolate Fountain

Surely, your chocolate fountain will be the most popular treat at your party. It’s fun, flexible, and exciting. There are so many kinds of treats you can serve with it. Check out these awesome treats:

1. Fresh fruits.
You can serve as dippers almost any kind of fresh fruits like mango, apple, pineapple, grapes, melon, raspberry, cherry, strawberry, and blackberry.

2. Dried fruits.
Chocolate covered raisins have been very popular for a long time. However, they can be very small to serve with skewers and chocolate fountain. You may want to serve other dried fruits like bananas, prunes, and apricots.

3. Cake Pieces.
You have a wide array of choices when it comes to bite-sized cake pieces to be served as dippers next to a chocolate fountain. Pound cakes are a great dipper considering their nice density which can hold up on a skewer. Also, it has a sweet and neutral flavour which will accentuate that of the chocolate. Another great option is angel food cake or pieces of cheese cake.

4. Marshmallows.
These are easy to serve, they do not need any preparation, and they are affordable. And, they taste really great with melted caramel or chocolate. The warm chocolate or caramel will half-way melt the mallows which will give a nice feeling as they completely melt in your mouth.

5. Graham crackers.
It’s a great idea to serve graham crackers along with marshmallows. Be creative and serve both goodies to have a nice mouth-watering “smores.”

6. Pretzels.
The saltiness of the pretzel will blend really well with the chocolate’s sweetness. You can also cut soft pretzels into small pieces so they can be served in skewers.

7. Cinnamon twists.
Cinnamon twists or cinnamon breadsticks cut into bite-sized pieces are surely a great and tasty dipper.

8. Cookies or brownies.
Cookies and smaller pieces of brownies dipped in chocolate or caramel can taste totally awesome. Freshly baked cookies like sugar or oatmeal cookies cut into small squares will surely be one of the favourites of your guests. Put them on a tray and serve them with toothpicks or skewers. Oreo cookies are also a nice option.

9. Freshly baked breads and doughnuts.
Your freshly baked breads or doughnuts will taste triply awesome if you serve them with chocolate or cheese fondue.

10. Nuts.
Chocolate covered nuts are simply irresistible. Serve any kind of nuts: hazel nuts, peanuts, almond nuts, or macadamia nuts.

11. Potato chips and nachos.
How would potato chips taste like when dipped in chocolate? Amazing! Potato chips or nachos are way more fun and exciting with cheese or chocolate fondue.