How To Cut Business Energy Costs

Organisations that purchase significant amounts of power, whether gas or electric, can often benefit from cheaper bills if they shop around and compare energy tariffs.

If you compare business gas prices for example, you’ll usually discover that the amount you get quoted will vary substantially from one supplier to the next. The process of business gas price comparison ought to take into account the expected gas consumption over the coming year and then match that to the most suitable tariff.

If you think about it, gas is gas and so all that energy companies can do is try to de-commoditise it by offering it in different price packages according to overall consumption levels, when in the year that consumption is likely to be highest and lowest or whether it will be or variable. For any individual business there is probably going to be one supplier whose gas price tariff best matches their demand. Get the match right and you can often save a massive amount on your business gas or electricity overheads.

And so it with electricity. The process of business electricity price comparison is the same. You can usually find one supplier who, because of their electricity tariff structure will be able to provide you with your energy needs at a lower price than the rest.

But you can only take advantage of different prices in the gas and electricity markets if you are prepared to shop around. The process is difficult and demands good industry
knowledge. For most businesses it makes best sense to employ an energy broker to do the job for you. Even better if you can get one who operates on a no-fee basis too.