Moleskine Philippines

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to own a Moleskine notebook. You see, Moleskines are rather expensive, hardbound notebooks. That’s why it’s wonderful that Avalon.PH is organizing several Moleskine notebook giveaway contests, where we will be treated to a series of week-long contests.

This whole notion of launching several contests across diverse blogs, and in different points in time, is absolutely brilliant. And if you don’t win a Moleskine notebook, there are other contests to join. The pacing is quite fast since nothing runs longer than a week. Some notebook giveaway contests even run as short as five days.

I’m glad Jasper Ong generously shares and helps spread love for the almost forgotten art of writing. Afterall, since we’re talking about smooth paper (plus the fact that it is quite a pricey notebook, we will at the very least strive to write nicely. In today’s keyboard thumping blog generation, we often find our penmanship deteriorating.

Does our Moleskine deserve our thoughts? What if our thoughts are incoherent? Or what if we blurt out onto paper the beginnings of a half-finished song or poem? Shouldn’t our pricey notebook contain something more substantive?

Nonsense. I’ve seen people use Moleskines for their hastily scribbled grocery lists. There’s nothing wrong with that. It simply means we are free to write as we please. And if we feel a pang of guilt when we remember how much a Moleskine costs, let us remember that we can win one… for free.

Is your mind drawing a blank, and you still don’t know how to use your Moleskine? Here’s a suggestion: Use it to plan your future blog posts. Let your notebook hold the initial ideas of what can later turn out to be some of your more popular blogs posts.

You can also use the notebook to remember what site you were supposed to visit. Once we start surfing online, it’s easy to forget a thought that suddenly appeared in our minds a few seconds ago. That is precisely why we need to have some pen and paper nearby, to help retain what easily gets removed from our memories by the ever-distracting nature of the web.

I can’t wait to get hold of a Moleskine and experience firsthand the magical wonder of writing on crisp sheets of paper adorned with light streaks of gray lines. That’s why I’ll participate in the various Avalon.PH Moleskine notebook giveaways spearheaded by Jasper Ong today. In the meantime, happy blogging and writing!