Why Branding Design Is Different From Web Design

In order to establish a secure place in today’s fierce business competition, it is important for a business organization to ensure that its marketing campaign is strong and effective. There are two areas of design that every business must focus upon and that is print and web design. They are not similar and they are different in certain aspects. When it comes to marking out an advertising and marketing campaign for your business important consideration should be given to both these two vital segments of designing in order to derive the maximum benefits from both.

Print design adds functionality to any company’s products because brochures, estimates, and letterheads should all project the right image. When it comes to website design really persuade people to buy from you? Or are they using it for information only? Or is it invisible to most prospects? Not only should you ensure that the graphic designs, logo and colour scheme match your overall marketing concept, but you also need to make sure the site is easy to navigate, and in addition to giving information, encourages people to buy there and then.

Though print design may seem very similar to web design there is a consideration difference between the two. Print design relies on eye-catching graphics and good text, but like your website every printed document needs your creative branding. One thing you need to watch is that the resolution of a web page is much lower than that of printed designs. You also need to take into account people who have older computers which cannot display the images with as many pixels as later ones. These are still potential buyers.

Therefore, when you look for firms to provide print design and web design services, take these factors into account. In most cases, you will do better if you start looking for a different type of firm to design your website as your brochures.