Assurance companies selling Ruerup-Pension funds to prospective retired people

Numerous assurance vendors vend so called Ruerup-Pension plans on the German market place. Usually it is quite hard for the individual client to find the right assurance company that fits best with the own needs. How can users find their personal insurance for Ruerup-Insurance agreements covering their needs at a good rate? On special sites clients may obtain their appropriate Ruerup-Pension offer out of the multitude of assurers: Ruerup Rente fuer Angestellte

For whom is a Ruerup-Pension policy recommended? For entrepreneurs and for well-paid employees the Ruerup-Pension plan is a good chance to provide retirement pension and to save taxes at the same time. If you are searching a Ruerup-Pension insurance offerer in Germany, you should think about some important points:

In the phase of paying contributions to the contract the paid-up money is protected against distraint. This means creditors of the insured individual cannot distrain the Ruerup-Pension contract. The accumulated money must remain for the insured individual and the insurance must not be resolved before retirement. Before choosing their German Ruerup-Pension assurance vendor, readers should always get several offers. That webpage provides a cost-free Ruerup-Assurance quote: The governmental-sponsored Ruerup-Assurance is for freelancers as interesting as for well-paid employees. For those groups of people it is the only possibility to get special tax deductions in retirement arrangement since the possibility of special deductions for other private pension and life insurance contracts has been deleted by the legislature.
As from 2005 contributions to newly contracted traditional private pension insurances and life insurances are no more tax deductible in Germany, the Ruerup-Pension contract is a suitable alternative. Self-employed persons do not have the possibility to provide retirement pay by the so called Riester -Insurance. So they could not benefit from public support. For this group of people there is now the possibility of taking tax benefits by effecting a Ruerup-Assurance plan.
The capital that is accumulated by a Ruerup-Assurance policy is not affected by unemployment in the context of social welfare. This capital does not need to be consumed before getting social welfare. Since 2005 there is the possibility to replenish the own retirement pension by the conclusion of a Ruerup-Pension agreement. Such a Ruerup-Pension contract is very beneficial for those people who cannot effect a so-called Riester -Insurance policy for employees. With the Ruerup-Assurance, the legislature gave business owners the possibility to benefit from governmental support under their own private pension.