Why Cross Media Publishing?

Whatever it is that your company needs to have printed or published, Cross Media Publishing is a state-of-the art comprehensive solution package which answers all your requirements and has a company-wide application.

Starting with a neutral data bank Cross Media Publishing is a simple and effective way to bring across the very essence of your company or your product to a clearly-defined target audience. The aim of Cross Media Publishing is to establish a consistent and stringent communication between your company and your customers, whatever the chosen channel of communication or medium. One great advantage is that unnecessary costs can be cut, and this irrespective of the size of your firm.

Product Information Management (PIM) means supplying high quality and up-to-date information on products for use in different media and for different company locations. The information in the form of product data, images, descriptions, texts and other sources is stored and administered in a modular systems architecture and can be used on WWW and intranet using a standardized technology. One of the most important aspects of PIM is that the individual product data is stored in a inter-exchangable form. If PIM is not used, there is a danger that the product information is not accessible throughout the company, and can only be used once.

A good Cross Media Publishing system guarantees the highest possible benefits for your company:

  • Optimal integration into the existing systems environment
  • Modular solution
  • Utilisation of existing standards such as Java et. al.
  • Compatible with prevalent software and hardware platforms
  • Modern software architecture
  • Data can be easily maintained because the content, structure and layout are separated
  • Final publishing in print and online media can be effected with a high level of automation
  • Customer communication can be optimised
  • Cross Media Publishing can be implemented fast and with little effort