All year round promotion with digitally printed event tents


Businesses have to make a living all year round and many companies participate in various trade shows and exhibitions that run all through the year. So how can you bring your business to the attention of potential customers?

Of course you could simply use a plain instant shelter or marquee to stake your turf amongst the other businesses, but how do you stand out from the crowd? Even in large exhibition halls, how will your company stand out in the competition?

The answer is simple! Use a custom, digitally printed shelter with your logo, company name, website address or phone number and products featured on the roof and sides for everyone to see.

All successful business and companies’ exhibit, hold events and run promotions at different times of the year, as they are essential to build your brand awareness and increase sales. Businesses displaying their products or promoting their services are often under the cover of their own instant shelter, marquee or gazebo. But you can maximize your exposure with a fully branded gazebo or promotional marquee.


So what are the benefits of purchasing promotional branded gazebos? A positive professional image of your business. Image is everything for customers and if your outdoor display stand looks good, then customers will presume that your services and products are also good.


If you are exhibiting at a large show, image is very important particularly if you are a small business or sole trader looking for similar exposure as the larger companies also exhibiting. Branded gazebos are a great way to get your contact details or website address known and show you are in contention with the bigger companies.


POD Outdoor Event Displays have experience in producing highly effective branded gazebos, turning a plain dull event tent into a brilliant advertising and marketing too. With amazing digital printing processes available today, we can supply a promotional marquee that will really stand out from the crowd.