Promotion and Protection for Outdoor Event Displays

Are you exhibiting at an outdoor event this year? Are you looking for ways to protect your products, staff and potential customers while at the same time drawing positive attention to your business? Instant shelters or outdoor canopies provides both protection and visibility at outdoor events.

If you are responsible for sourcing the outdoor displays for your use at your next outdoor event, have you considered all the benefits a promotional tent can add to the success of your business?.

Protect your Outdoor Displays

Outdoor events provide a unique challenge to exhibitors. There are many more factors to take into consideration when the event is outside, not too mention that you will likely have the weather to contend with. With an instant shelter you can protect not only your products but also your staff and visitors from the elements

An branded gazebo will help you be prepared for unexpected rainfall, protection from the wind and the unlikely event in the UK of scorching sun. The marquees can include everything you need to complement or enhance your promotional tent and have a successful display. They can give you the reassurance of added security and stability with additional leg weights in the event of unpredictable weather, heaters, lighting and even guttering for rain water.

Promote your Outdoor Display

Promotional Tents are a proven and effective medium of advertising. Whether you are holding your own event, exhibiting at a trade show or local event, a fully branded marquee with your brand and logos are a great way to draw attention to your business.

Whenever your instant shelter is erected your pop up tent instantly becomes a highly visible marketing tool and the combination of quality graphics, vivid logos or designs can create a lasting impression. This is especially important if you are a small company or sole trader looking for similar exposure as the larger companies also exhibiting. Printed marquees will promote your contact details and website address and generate more sales, making your purchase of a branded event tent a worthwhile investment.

Event Tents are easy to set up and take down, durable, and are available in a size that you need. Attract attention from every angle to your event tent with flag displays that can be seen from a distance and draw added attention to your outdoor display.

Outdoor Instant Shelters and promotional marquees and gazebos are ideal for use at:

• Exhibition and trade shows, country shows and markets
• Product launches & Promotional events
• Festival tents and catering tents
• Charities and fundraising events

POD Outdoor Displays have a range of outdoor event display options so you can be protected and prepared to promote your business at your next outdoor event.