Natural Hemorrhoid Remedies

For those who are actually suffering from hemorrhoids, simple home remedies are possible which will reduce the pain and discomfort associated with this. Mild cases of hemorrhoids will promptly respond to home remedies but acute cases must be treated with proper medication. Almost 95% of cases of hemorrhoids can be treated with H Miracle. Some natural hemorrhoid remedies are as follows:

1. Patients can sit on warm water or Sitz baths for 15 minutes three or four times a day. These will give lot of comfort to them. If Epsom salt can be added to water it will provide a very nice soothing effect and it will also help to reduce the swellings.

2. Plenty of fresh fruits, leafy vegetables and fibrous foods must be incorporated in regular diet. Regular exercising is must. Lot of water and fluid intake is imperative. Spicy foods, alcoholic drinks should be totally avoided.

3. The anal area should be cleansed with mild warm water. Unscented and mild soaps and uncolored tissue papers should always be used. Gently cleaning the area with a wet cleansing tissue is highly recommended.

4. Haste and excessive pressure should be avoided during bowel movements.

5. Sitting for a long time in the same posture is not recommended at all. This may cause unwarranted strain and pressure on the pelvic area and thus may increase the symptoms. So periodic movements of the body is needed. Short walks or stretching can help.

6. If natural home remedies are not having effect on hemorrhoids even after 1-2 weeks then the physician must be contacted. Proper medication should always be followed. Indulgence in over-the-counter drugs without physician’s prescription is a strict no-no.

Thus we can see that very simple natural home remedies for hemorrhoids are available. Another natural remedy is H Miracle. This is an online product which describes systems to fight hemorrhoid pain through 100% natural ways. Nearly 85-90% of cases do get solved by using the ways described in H Miracle System. H Miracle is a much better solution than repeated use of lotions and creams or OTC drugs.

Disclaimer: This article is for information purpose and should not be taken as medical advice. A registered practitioner must be consulted before any kind of medication.