Write Articles Speedily

In the post Google Panda world we need to be able to compose unique quality articles that are aimed for visitors rather than search engines. Panda means that regular content isn’t king but high quality content is king. Google wants to see that you have fantastic media that people are engaging with by way of sharing it on Twitter or posting feedback. It’s simple math, the more surfers that are engaging then the better the content must be.

Most of us are not Chicago Tribune journalists trained in the art of writing, but instead we are normal people trying to make a few dollars online, how can we compete? We need to create regular professional quality content but that takes a lot of time and effort.

But you don’t need to be a Shakespeare to compose incredible content, frequently you just need a little helping hand.

1. Use forums and Q&A sites to see what questions others are asking and instead of responding there, write a blog post and then refer the person to your blog post.

2. Many sites are offering PLR articles or private label content and you can use this for a framework or research for your next article. Never simply copy and paste a PLR article because then you’ll be hit with the duplicate content filter.

3. If writing doesn’t tempt you then you can try going down the outsourcing route. I personally use Fiverr.com because I can get high quality articles for just $5 and delivery time is usually within 48 hours.

Any of these hints are a fantastic way to quickly write an article, I prefer simply purchasing plr articles and rewrite them to my own style. A good method you can use to judge whether what you have written is quality content is to ask yourself if you would be happy for your mum to read it, would she be impressed with what her child has written?.