Old time radio shows are fantastic for all!

When I started commuting almost an hour and a half to work, I got really, really bored. That’s a long drive, and frankly the news plays the same 5 minute sound bytes over and over again. I was losing my mind.

That’s when I discovered radio theater. I happened to be searching online and came across it. I don’t remember exactly what led me to it, but I’m so glad I found it.

My discovery led to some great old shows like The Shadow, Abbot and Costello, Lights Out, Campbell’s Theater. Very cool stuff. My drive to and from work for the day suddenly became a highlight instead of a chore.

However, the more I listened to the radio theater shows, the more I got interested in whether or not there were any new shows that were created in the same “spirit” as the old ones.

Sure enough, there were! Great shows like Red Panda Adventures and Black Jack Justice from Decoder Ring Theater products. Very cool stuff.

Now, any time I’m bored sitting in a waiting room or taking a long drive, or just whatever, I let old radio shows keep me entertained and enthralled instead of twiddling my thumbs.

To my great surprise, I often find myself wishing that my waits or drives were longer! Now how’s that for proof of how great these cool shows are?