Favourite Music TV Programs at RCTI


Do you enjoy to listening to the music? Do you care what’s happening in music world? Are you interested in watching VEVO channel on youtube or some Music Programs on the television screen? Music can transform how the information is delivered to the people and make a show more interesting and dynamic. If we look around, almost all TV schedulles and TV stations, from the government-access station to public-access television, have music TV program on their list.



Since 24 March 2008, RCTI broadcasts a popular music program named Dahsyat. It is aired on Monday to Friday at 8 am, on Saturday at 8:30 am, and on Sunday at 9 am (see: Jadwal RCTI). The producers of this program are John Fair Kaune (at the first of its episodes), Armen Egun Basauli, Jahja Imanuel Riyanto, and Abrar. Up until now the number of episodes already reaches to more than 2500 episodes.



Dahsyat is certainly a colorful music shows. At a first glance, you will see a lot of audience, including a lot of hosts and musician, on a colorful stage. We have Raffi Ahmad, Denny Cagur, Luna Maya, Ayu Dewi, Chika Jessica, and Ayu Putri on the list. They are Choky Sitohang, Uya Kuya, Okky Lukman, Tika Panggabean, Rina Nose, and many others. We’re still not there folks. We also have some singers who appear sometimes to be the co-host, for instance Tina Toonita, Bisma Kharisma, and many others. For you who are already familiar with the show, you might have notice there’s still one big name not included in the list. Today, he is still in the process of medical care and treatment due to the illness he’s having. It’s pretty sure that he would make a comeback if someday he’s fit enough to continue his career in entertainment world.



For 5 consecutive years since 2010, Dahsyat has won the prestigious annual Panasonic Gobel Awards (2010-2015) for the category of Program Variety Show. These programs are all about music and video clips so their viewers get more knowledge and understanding about the music and video with the information of the bands and the artists as well. Unlike them that want to focus all attention of their viewers to the music, Dahsyat’s greatest focus and strength are the celebrities. It began filled with gossip and bullying-style comedy. The time allocation for the music itself started decreasing from time to time.



Some of its hosts also had to deal with criminal charges from immorality to narcotics cases, for instance, Luna Maya, Olga Syahputra, and Raffi Ahmad. It is when its rating started decreasing gradually. Many people want to see Dahsyat as a real music entertainment show. It is ironic that in the past, when there were not many television channels and programs, music and entertainment programs were really stealing the attention. In the 90s, we had MTV. Those TV shows and programs were successful in presenting interesting and informative music programs and could satisfy the viewers at that time. The content of the programs was all about the bands, singers, and songs which were popular at that time.



The teens during that time were pampered by a lot of music and video clips from various top Indonesian and international musicians. Many people now miss the nuance and atmosphere of the musical heyday like that time and expect something like that from television programs. This reality has contributed to make the focus and concept of the TV music shows and programs have shifted oddly to a more flexible and vague concept, in which they were no longer purely dedicated to provide music information to their viewers. A lot of concepts and aspects have been added and mixed; like adding cooking segment, hypnotic show, quizzes, gossip between the hosts and presenters, etc.



At this time, almost half of its content is filled with game shows. Not only that, it also has given birth to the Goyang Gaspol. It brought some controversies since some people say that Dahsyat imitates the concept of program in Yuk Kita Sahur on Trans TV, where Goyang Caisar had previously become a phenomenon there. But of course Dahsyat management denies this issue. If Goyang Caisar is led by a dancer named Caisar Abietya Putra, Goyang Gaspol is led by a sexy disc jockey. Regardless of all controversies that exist about this show, it is still considered the best television variety show in Indonesia.