Who’s the coolest guy on the planet?

Now, before you start thinking that I’m full of myself, let me explain what this is really all about.

In a blog post I made, I talked about the need for your site to actually be related to the links that point to it. One example I gave was the coolest guy on the planet search phrase, versus the miserable failure search phrase.

In the past, searching for “miserable failure” brought up a completely unrelated web page. Due to Google’s new algorithm that does away with the “Google bomb” or “link bomb” effect, that is no longer the case.

My post discussed why this doesn’t work anymore.

In one of the comments on that post, Alex Newell suggested that I setup a site and try to get it to rank for the phrase “coolest guy on the planet”, using the site to test various linking strategies and methods, etc.

Thus my the coolest guy on the planet site was born.

What I am attempting to prove is that by following the directions Google gives in its Webmaster Guidelines, you can rank a site for a keyword phrase using 100% “white hat” methods.

In the pages of the site you will see outlined the methods I am using, and the progress I am making in implementing each of the steps from Google’s guidelines.

As of right now, the site is ranked #1 in Google for “coolest guy on the planet”, but I also want to be ranked #1 for “the coolest guy on the planet”, so I’m still working on it.