Vampire Academy REVIEW Author: Richelle Mead

When I first started reading this vampire book it seemed to be a bit strange. It didn’t start where I expected it to, and therefore I really did not start getting into the book until after the first chapter. It wasn’t until Lissa and Rose were by themselves that I thought the book really picked up to a nice pace. As I kept reading the book I really started to get into it, and it really got pretty good.

Rose had many of sarcastic remarks that were witty and made me laugh out loud and the plot of the book was pretty interesting and fun. Although a bit of the parts to this vampire book were a little confusing, but only because there was so mouch happening throughout the story. Some important parts of the story were Lissa and Rose running away at the beginning of the story, Rose and Lissa’s strange bond, The Moroi vampires, the strigoi vampires and their relation to the human race. The Dhampires, and Royal vampires. Then you had Victor Dashkov, Mia, and of course Dimitri. With so much to think about throughout the book, it was very easy to keep reading in hopes of getting more information.

The plot was really nicely put together, and flowed really nicely as well, even with so much information being processed. I really ignored the Rose and Dimitri love thing though, it was a bit too much for me. Most people do like Dimitri a lot though, so, I guess Richelle Mead knew what she was doing. I did put the ending together relatively easily, but the novel did have some surprises along the way. Natalie turning Stigoi was one of them. This made me like Natalie’s character quite a bit more. At the beginning I really didn’t care for her too much.

In addition, I really loved the use of magic in this book, the spirit magic Lissa possessed was a wonderful addition, and I also do believe that the bond Rose and Lissa shared helped blend the two characters very well.

In closure, I would like to say that I would very much recommend this book to anyone interested in Vampire Series. It is a great read, and with more to the series I think it will be a good one to keep up with.

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