Fantastic destinations to make a celebration

Last month, I noticed a captivating place known as fifty-two-twenty-six elm that’s taken into consideration by some for being one of the very best Reception Halls in Houston TX. It’s really a stylish site made to entertain friends and family or work associates. I also these days have found numerous online compliments about this truly being among the list of best Houston Wedding Venues. The building is split into couple of unique interior areas with beautiful trendy interiors and also a perfect garden courtyard, achieving fifty-two-twenty-six definitely one of the most appealing wedding venues in Houston.

If you are looking for Reception Halls in Houston TX for your upcoming corporate meeting, fifty-two-twenty-six elm provides a 2500-sq ft meeting room with a terrific look at the backyard and high ceilings. Preferably, you may also plan your meeting on the marvelous garden courtyard, where you can set up your organization conference or perhaps spent a beautiful afternoon interacting with your own close friends. The inside are able to be adaptable for just about any kind of occasion from occasional to formal.

Have you been searching around for wedding venues in Houston? You do not have a need for to go looking any more, in this award-winning location you will have that unique special occasion like you always dreamed. First, there is a Courtyard Room with which could certainly accommodate 20 – 100 persons. Then there is the Studio Room which also accommodates an extra 100 people or perhaps a might be changed into a ball room, a dancing floor and then a stage for a music band. Both choices rooms have now high ceilings.

So what else does make fifty-two-twenty-six one amongst among the better Houston Wedding Venues? The loving garden courtyard; where you could furthermore value some of those unique times of this wedding, a great private garden who have vine-covered pergola, waterfall as well as goldfish-stocked reflecting pool.

Fifty-two-twenty-six elm has gained the American Institute of Architects “building of the year” design prize, which make it one of the most desired Reception Halls in Houston TX.