How to Use Security Guard Recruitment Agencies

When hunting for a job, many people undergo recruitment agencies. But, it is unfortunate that there are a lot of dishonest firms out there who take advantage of those who want to get an ideal and self-fulfilling job. So to guide you and protect yourself, remember the following important tips to using security guard agencies.

1. Know how exactly the agency work for you, the job-seeker.

With some exceptions, the agency becomes your backer, representing you. The relationship starts when you apply for a job through a listing and submit your biodata. Typically, there is no fee because you are the job hunter. The employer is the agency’s client.

2. Know if there is a fee and when and who pays the recruitment agency.

Bear in mind that there is no fee. The client pays the fee. Many security guard recruitment agencies work on a contingency fee basis. This means that they aren’t paid unless they successfully fill the open position by sending in the best candidate. Also, there are retained searches.. This means that the firm receives payment no matter how long it takes to fill the vacancy, and there’s no other competing agency involved.

3. Know that there are things a security guard agency can do for you that you cannot do for yourself.

A reputable recruitment firm will accept your resume and schedule an interview to discuss your skills, goals, experiences, and the position you are applying for. Most of the time, there are more to a job seeker than what’s stated in his or her resume. A good recruiter is compared to a job therapist who will draw out of you data associated with the job position you may not have thought to write in your resume. In addition, recruiters have jobs that are not posted, and after your interview, they may recommend you for something you weren’t aware of but may be ideal for you.

4. Know what you have to prepare before your conversation with a recruiter.

The conversation with a recruiter is like your dress rehearsal with the employer. But never take it lightly as a recruiter is the gate-keeper. His job is to accurately assess you and confirm the facts you have laid out in your resume. And he reports back to the employer. So you should to take this meeting very seriously. See to it that you show up with suitable outfit, and do not forget to bring at least 3 copies of your up-to-dateresume. This is also your chance to throw questions to the recruiter. You can throw those which you may not be comfortable asking the prospective employer directly. Also, this is your opportunity to learn important information regarding the aspects of the position you are applying for.

If you found out about not-so-good things about the firm or you learned that they do not have a good reputation, this interview is your chance to ask questions regarding these.

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