Treatment of Mononucleosis

Mono, also known as the kissing disease can be very dangerous and should be carefully treated. Mono the kissing disease is called that because it is often spread through saliva and close contact often made in sexual positions. Mono is most common in middle school and high school aged people.

In some cases of mononucleosis after two or three days in addition to flu-like symptoms a patient may experience more severe conditions such as swollen lymph nodes, a sudden appearance of jaundice (a person’s skin and eyes turn yellowish). Sometimes one of the symptoms of mononucleosis is the appearance of little red spots that resemble bruises and appear in the mouth area. Abdominal pain is also not uncommon for mononucleosis patients. Occasionally a measles-like rash can appear on a person’s face or body one of the symptoms of mononucleosis. Some rear symptoms of mononucleosis may include cough, stiff neck, nosebleed, shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat.

These white blood cells actually attack red blood cells that are infected by the herpes type virus that causes the mononucleosis symptom of tiredness. Red blood cells are needed to fulfill all the functions of a healthy body. White blood cells are needed to attack and to kill invading virus organisms. When the body is fighting an attack by an invading organism, it will signal a shut down of activity and actually initiate fatigue. The body needs to concentrate all of its internal functions into destroying the invading viral attack.

One cannot relieve a symptom of mononucleosis with any particular treatment a doctor can give. As a matter of fact, a symptom of mononucleosis will go away on its own. It sometimes takes as short a time period as a couple of weeks, but sometimes these symptoms can persist for months. Sufferers of the illness just have to wait for each symptom of mononucleosis to go away on its own.

Mononucleosis can often cause a person to have a sore throat, so it is important that a person gargle a few times a day to help relieve it. Gargling helps get rid of the bacteria in the throat and helps reduce the swelling. There are many things that available for a person to gargle with, but it is recommended that a person use either salt water or licorice for the best results.

For the treatment of prolonged fatigue, individuals should relax in warm bath containing bergamot, eucalyptus, and lavender oils. The extracts containing these oils possess naturally soothing elements and help to rejuvenate the body. Aches and pains generated from the disease will be reduced in this treatment of mononucleosis.

Learn more about mononucleosis treatment. Stop by our website where you can read about glandular fever. This information is provided for educational purposes only. Please consult your doctor before taking any medical advice.

The Importance Of Liver Detox

One very important organ in our body is the liver. Many different functions are preformed which include storing many nutrition’s like minerals, red blood cells and vitamins. Red blood cells move oxygen around the body. These are just some reasons that make having a liver detox so important.

Even when people eat healthy it might not matter because even organic food has toxins and these toxins are bad for everyone. The most important part of a livers function is to keep our blood filtered and if a persons liver is working properly it will remove over 99 percent of bacterias or toxins found in the body quickly. If anyone has an unhealthy or damaged liver it will remove only about 50 percent of what is needed.

Most people don’t know how important detoxing the liver is. The largest organ in the human body is the liver and it needs cleansing on a regular basis. The digestive tract is full of veins that empty into our liver and this is where every kind of toxin will end up to be filtered and cleaned.

The liver is very good at producing energy whenever it may be needed. This organ regenerates its tissue when needed and is also responsible for regulating clotting of the blood. Having a healthier liver is one of the most important things in life and people can accomplish this by doing a liver detox regularly.

The environment we live in now is much different than it was 100 years ago. Today people are much more prone to pollution, processed foods, preservatives, and disease, which can all pollute the inside of our body’s with many different things. Medications can build up in the blood stream and go directly to other major organs including our livers, which means more toxins for it to clear out, and a lot of medicine can cause a disease in liver functions due to it working much harder. The above reasons make a liver detox program more important than ever before.

If our liver cannot keep up with the many different things that it needs to fight then the whole body can become very sick. People should help keep these different problems from occurring in this very important organ and cleansing these harmful elements out of a persons liver is necessary.

One of the greatest things anyone can do for there health is to do a liver detox program. The body needs to be taken care of regardless of anything else. Everyone needs to take care of their liver and in turn it will take care of us. Before doing a liver detox check with your doctor first to avoid possible problems.