Do Registry Cleaners Make A Lot Of Space free?

Registry cleaners never clean your computer to free up a huge space. They clean up the inconsistent, outdated and erroneous entries from the windows registry of your personal computer.  The registry cleaners are unable to free up huge space just because registry entries do take very less space in the first place.  Only if you have large registry keys in your computer and if these keys are faulty, the registry cleaner can free up some great amount of space.  But let me tell you, even the largest registry entries with most erroneous keys can free only some kilobytes of the memory of your system.

You need to know the function of a registry cleaner. We do not use it to free up the memory space of our system. But we need a registry cleaner to clean the registry of our system form the erratic, useless and outdated registry keys. Doing so enables our computer to run the programs faster and effectively.

These erroneous registry keys are created mostly when we un-install a software. An executable file is created in our system’s registry the moment we install a program.  This file is needed to start and run that particular software program. Sometimes, when we un-install the software, the executable file remains with the windows registry. As the program is gone, this file just acts like a useless piece of junk.To find a good registry cleaner check out the registry cleaner reviews on the internet. Most registry cleaner reviews are pc registry cleaner reviews and cover only registry cleaner for microsoft products since e.g. the apple system does not have a registry!

Erroneous registry keys can also be generated by malicious programs. If your computer is affected by malware, the malware will write malicious registry keys to make your computer do what it wants.

Extraneous registry keys can also be caused by software programs. A poorly written program may store more registry entries than it actually needs. If the software is incompatible to our system, it may create a lot of problem by invalid registry entries. For example, if we install software meant for Windows XP is our Windows Vista enabled computer.
Last but not the least; if your windows registry is damaged, it will start creating erroneous registry keys by itself. The damaged registry loses its ability to write the correct entries.

So, registry errors can take place due to various reasons. And it keeps on happening because it is not possible to protect our computer against all these. The erroneous registry keys do not take up a lot of space, but when a large number of errors are there, the computer starts malfunctioning. A registry cleaner can help us by cleaning our registry and making the computer perfect again.