Don’t Blame Me. I’m Just the Cleanup Guy.

First of all, I don’t want anyone to think that I am complaining about my work.  I love it.  It’s an truthful way to make a living.  But just like in any career, it has its perks as well as its components for stress.  If you are part of a water damage restoration crew, you inevitably encounter an irate client. 

I guess it’s fairly understandable taking into consideration that it is shocking to see your home submerged in floodwater so we don’t seriously see men and women at its best.  But there are times when we bear the brunt of their wrath, if I may perhaps state it that way.

If only they knew that panic and even anger is not the very best way to cope with an crisis circumstances such as a flood.  After all, homeowners are not as powerless as they think.  A lot of the things that they can do to avoid even more harm from taking place in their house are pretty straightforward to accomplish.

It doesn’t really take an specialist to figure out that if the source of the water is within the home, you can turn off the water supply in your home.  This will obviously avert even more water from coming in and causing damage.  Once that’s carried out, it’s less difficult to get rid of the water.  No big machines necessary.  From time to time a sponge or a lot of towels is all that I need.  

Another thing that a home-owner can do through a flood is to simply take out the items in a flooded room.  You would actually be shocked at how many occasions I walked in a house and saw a family merely watching their belongings get wet when there was time to get rid of them.  It’s like they were in a trance or something.

It’s the panic that does them in.  So I guess at the end of the day, the very best thing anyone can do to stop the water damage is try to keep your wits about you. (I was going to write “keep your head above water” but that pun is a Little too obvious).