Hotpoint RFA52S Cheapest Price Online Today

The Hotpoint RFA52S fridge freezer is dependable, tough, and spacious. This fridge freezer is highly reliable when it comes to keeping foods fresh, flavorful, and frosty. This appliance is also equipped with numerous functions to keep foods hygienic. It is also spacious enough to provide room for a lot of food items. This fridge freezer is also efficient in the use of energy so there should be no concerns on the electricity consumption of this appliance. This fridge freezer is definitely a great addition to any household.

This Hotpoint fridge freezer comes in a stylish silver finish. It stands about 174.5 cm, with a width of 54cm. This should have no problem in being fitted into your kitchen space. The fridge has a net capacity of 5.4 cu. ft, while the freezer has a net capacity of 3.5 cu. ft. This fridge freezer has an energy efficiency rating of A as it only consumes 292 KWH in a year, making it perfect for just about any household wanting to have no part in rising electricity bills.

This upright fridge freezer is of the auto defrost type, which should appeal to users who are tired of regularly defrosting the freezer. This feature also prevents the unwanted build up of ice inside the freezer. The freezer is highly dependable in chilling perishables, even as it can freeze up to 6 kilograms of food items in 24 hours. The freezer has a a super freeze function that can fast freeze foods to ensure that they stay fresh and flavorful. Inside the fridge are 3 shelves that are easy to clean. The shelves are also clear to provide users with maximum visibility, so they can easily spot the foods they are looking.

There is a salad crisper and egg tray as standard. The ice tray also facilitates the convenient dispensing of ice cubes. These are just some of the advantages that the Hotpoint RFA52S fridge freezer provides to its users. There is no doubting that this appliance is one of the most practical models in the shops today.