Numerous Choices In Mailboxes

There are a wide selection of different mailbox options readily available today for homeowners and renters, aside from standard locking roadside mailboxes and wall mounted mailboxes. Homeowner and commercial customers the same have a multitude of options for mail delivery, though times are changing and the need for more security has triggered the need for additional options. The days of the unlocked roadside mailbox and unlocked residential mailbox are long gone and sunk into oblivion.

One of the newest entries into residential roadside mailboxes is the cluster mailbox. Extremely common in townhouse areas, these boxes group a number of mailboxes together and the residents then get their mail from the large cluster mailbox unit. While they could be somewhat inconvenient for those who must leave their homes or offices to collect mail, they permit the mail carrier to make a lot fewer stops and thus deliver the mail faster. A number of people may also feel they are less secure than wall-mounted mailboxes since they are not always located close to the building. However, they’re just as secure if not more so than the wall mounted mailboxes you find in apartment buildings.

Door slots are also quite normal mailbox options although they are becoming more uncommon in residential areas than they used to be. Occasionally in commerical buildings it’s quite common to see door slots with connected locked boxes on the other side to catch the mail. This allows the mail to get there securely within the box instead of being scattered all over the floor. Many commercial customers also use the boxes when they offer after hours drop off of payments in order to avoid coming in to a pile of checks that have made their way all over the floor of the front office.

Many people would rather forgo many of these and pay a vendor to accept their mail via a mail drop. Companies like Mailboxes Etc. and UPS offer customers an option for secure delivery of their mail to an assigned post office box. Most people choose to get their mail dropped at these locations because they don’t want their mail transported to their home or office, most often for security reasons.