Visit to the Carowinds Themed Amusement Park in North Carolina

Spending part of your North Carolina vacation at Carowinds Amusement Park will not only have you glad you did but your kids will think you are the best thing ever!

If you have children under 5 years of age don’t think there is nothing for them to do, there is the Nickelodeon center where the kids can take a train ride with Dora the Explorer’s Azul or fly, dip and swirl with Danny Phantom. Hugs are the name of the game for the little ones with the life-size Nickelodeon characters throughout the park.

With kids from 6 – 12 you can keep them happy with either seeing some of the live shows that go on throughout the park all day or visit Nickelodeon Central where there are more than 20 attractions for their age group. They can even visit Scooby Doo’s Haunted Mansion! They will love to plunge into 20 acres of fun in the water park. There are many rides that they will enjoy even one that taken guests 320 feet above the park! There is the “Wild mouse” roller coaster that will give the kids a real thrill or the Scream Weaver – Gondolas which spin in a horizontal position and lifts into the vertical position, sending riders into upside down orbit. With all these and many more choices for the kids they will be busy from the time you walk in until you finally get them to leave at the end of the day!

For teens between 12 – 18 the thrills never end. They can ride the Nighthawk, the flying coaster and tallest one in the park or the Rip Roarin’ Rapids with the white water raging expedition you can take in a 6 person craft (and get really, really wet). Of course there are the bumper cars that are a favorite of many kids. Now envision them on the Thunder Road which is a forward and backward roller coaster. They may want to plunge down a 45 foot waterfall to the pool of water below (another great way to cool off on a hot day.) There are so many rides and attractions for them that they may want you to come back with them the next day!

As adults you may think that you are supposed to sit back and watch the kids have fun…WRONG! Get out there with them, talk them into going on the Xtreme SkyFlyer with you and experience the thrill of skydiving as you are lifted 153 feet in the air and then pull the ripcord for a 50 foot free fall at 60 mph. (you need to be really brave for this one and it does have an additional charge.)

If that isn’t enough for you then go to the Drop Zone where you will experience a 56 mph 100 ft. free fall. Probably don’t want to eat just before you do this, could get messy!

The Hurler is the wooden coaster that reaches 50 mph with thrilling dips and turns.

This is just the beginning of the fun that waits for you and your family in Charlotte on your North Carolina vacation!

Ticket Prices: Ages 3 – 61 and 48 ” or taller in shoes, one day admission: $46.99.
Junior/Senior tickets for ages 3 – 61 and under 48: in shoes or 62 years of age and older, one day admission: $21.99. Children 2 and younger are admitted free.

A 2 Day Regular pass which is good for any two days during the season by the same person: $52.99

Twilight passes which are valid after 4 p for ages 3 – 61 are $25.99
Season passes are available ranging in cost from $61.99 – $150 depending on which you get and your age. Check to find the one that applies to you if you are interested.

While touring the North Carolina Piedmont Tourism region, you can stay at the 25 acre campground at Carowinds with nearly 200 campsites, and 15 rental cabins for those that want to stay right there. For reservations call 704-587-9116 or 1-800-888-4386 ext. 2116


Take I-77 to SC exit #90 at the North Carolina/South Carolina border. The Park is just 15 minutes south of Uptown Charlotte and 15 minutes north of Rock Hill, SC.


Hours and operating days vary, so before planning a visit, it’s a good idea to call Carowinds Information Center at: 704-588-2600 in North Carolina; 803-548-5300 in South Carolina; or toll-free 800-888-4386. The Information Center is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays and during park operating hours.

Locker Locations

North Gate across from the Thrills Store
Carolina RFD beside the ‘Scooby- Doo Barn’
In Boomerang Bay
Adjacent to First Aid
At the exit of ‘Awesome Aussie Twister’
At Bondi Beach Rentals
Nighthawk – Coin operated lockers located next to the entrance to the queue line.
If you’re planning to visit Boomerang Bay water park, make sure you bring a bathing suit and dry clothes for later. Bathing suits cannot have metal buttons, clasps or eyelets. Changing rooms are available in Boomerang Bay. Lockers are $15 with $5 refund when the key is returned. Oversized lockers are avialable in the water park area for $20 with a $5 refund when the key is returned.


Guests with infants or young children should take advantage of the Baby Care Center in Nickelodeon Central. Nursing mothers or tired fathers will find a comfortable rocking chair, a microwave and a diaper changing station.


Guests travelling with pets may take advantage of the Carowinds kennel available at the North Gate entrance. There is a $10.00 per animal charge for the kennel service. Water is provided. Guests are asked to provide food and exercise. Overnight pet stays are not permitted. Only service animals for the visually impaired are allowed in the park. Pets are not allowed inside Carowinds. Please do not leave pets in your car.