How to Prepare For a Camping Trip

The preparation phase for a camping tour is crucial to the success of the trip. Unfortunately, it is not an easy thing to do. There are just a lot of things to pack and if you miss out on anything or if you don’t do this properly you might end up ruining your entire trip. You might forget to pack important things like your sleeping bag or insect repellant. Or you might overdo the packing and end up overloading your vehicle. So, how will you be able to pack everything you need and prevent exceeding the weight limit of your vehicle? It just takes some preparation and planning to ensure that you will enjoy your trip. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your best camping trip ever.

1. Make a list. From clothes and toiletries to cooking gear and your tent, camping essentials may seem like a long and tiring list. The most difficult part of packing for a camping trip is keeping in mind the things that you need to bring.And the best way to solve this problem is coming up with a list.

Save a copy of your list on your computer and print it out. It is better to organize the list by sorting out each item in major categories like toiletries, clothes, food, first aid box, tent gear, etc. So, when it’s time for you to pack, it will be much easier to remember everything by category.

2. Prepare your vehicle. Before packing, it would be wise to check how much luggage your vehicle would allow you to bring. If you are worrying that there isn’t enough storage space in your vehicle, then you might want to consider having vehicle roof racks. This will make sure that even your car is well-equipped for the trip. Roof racks for 4wd can offer the ultimate solution for limited vehicle storage space.

3. Pack lightly – Take a closer look at your list and cross out anything that you might not really need. For example, bringing too much clothes. Most campers manage with only a few pieces of clothing, shirts, a pair of jeans, shorts, a hooded jacket, clean socks, everyday underwear, and a couple of spares. If you expect your trip to be longer than a week, then you need to check if there is a laundry facility near the camping area. Today, most national parks have coin-operated laundry machines. So, you don’t really have to bring a trunkful of clothes.

4. Come up with modular camping kits – Even with a list, all the packing could still get a little confusing. It would be much easier to pack the emergency box then mark it off the list rather than tracking down the contents of that box and checking them one by one. You can also prepare a box that includes your cooking utensil, a box for your sleeping bags or pillows, and another for personal hygiene stuff. The trick here is each time you get a bandage or anything from your modular kits, don’t forget to have it replaced. By doing so, the next time you go camping, packing would be a breeze. Just make sure that the contents of each of your kit are not yet expired or damaged.

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