How Long Does It Take To Learn Spanish?

I am often asked, “how long does it take to learn Spanish?” I am afraid that this is essentially a million-dollar question and one for which there is no universal answer.

Unfortunately there are simply too many variables concerned, in that so much depends on how much effort someone is prepared to put into learning the language, and also which technique or program they will be using. Add to that the fact that while some scholars may choose to use the services of a personal mentor, others will choose a classroom environment instead. In fact, some individuals will rather select using one or other home study program which gets use from books, multimedia, software, and audio recordings. You also need to ask whether the scholar will be learning the language in a country where it’s spoken as the local language, or whether they will be learning it in their home country. Similarly, the quality of a program or the experience of a teacher will also influence the end result.

Because these variables will have such a direct impact on how long does it take to learn Spanish, it is simply not feasible to provide a simple answer to this query. In reality, I have personally known people who after half a year, were able to communicate confidently in conversational Spanish, but also , I’ve met folks who have attempted to study the Spanish language for a number of years, admittedly on an on and off basis, and yet after many years they can hardly get by.

Rather than attempting to provide a simple answer to this question, I’d rather offer what I feel to be the quickest way of learning Spanish. The most important step of all, is for a student to take advantage of every possible opportunity with regards to interacting in the language they want to learn, regardless of what language that could be.

While you actually do get those that are firm believers in the classroom approach, I actually feel it takes too long unless it is done with another technique. In my opinion, a self study system of high quality is by far superior in that it allows a student to proceed at their own speed rather than being tied down to the average lecture room pace. This is very true regarding scholars who are truly serious about learning Spanish.

In this example, I would suggest a person to go for a reputable program which includes a variety of audio lessons, multimedia lessons, and of course, written Spanish. In addition, they should choose a program which allows for lessons to be downloaded onto a mobile device so that the student can listen on their iPod for instance. Remember, if you’re serious about learning a language, then you should aim at being able to not only speak it and read it, but also to write it and understand it. Unless a program covers all four of these areas, it needs to be avoided or at least, you will need some additional material.

As you could have already heard, Rocket Spanish is a highly favored program, and not without reason. Considering that it addresses all 4 of the area’s discussed, it has gained a reputation for providing scholars with aclass] foundation for basic Spanish which in turn will ensure that you are able to speak confidently in Spanish inside a comparatively short space of time. Likewise, Rosetta Stone is known to be quite as good, in that it also addresses the 4 areas discussed above. Furthermore, it is available in two versions so that scholars can select between the “Spain” version and the Latin American Spanish version. Judging by testimonials, it would appear the Rosetta Stone program takes slightly longer to work through, which of course means it’ll take you a little longer before you develop conversational Spanish but in general, it ranks right up there with Rocket Spanish. Also, Rosetta Stone is considerably more expensive.

As you can see, there are too many variables involved for me or anyone else to be in a position to give a simple answer with regards to “how long does it takes to learn Spanish. However, you’ve potentially also gathered by this point that there are several things you can do in order to hurry up the method. Actually, many students go as far as using both the programs discussed in conjunction with each other in order to develop conversational skills as rapidly as possible. However, unless you are continuously exposed to the Spanish language, no program will be capable of making you one hundred % smooth. On the other hand, providing you’re at an intermediate-to-advanced level, you might want to consider subscribing to Puerta del Sol Audio magazine which is a Spanish language abilities Magazine. Furthermore, you’d be shocked at just how much you can get benefits from joining a Meetup group in your area that focuses on learning the Spanish language.