Run DLL Error at Startup- Quickly Solve All DLL Issues

Reasons for a Run DLL Error at Startup

A Run DLL Error at computer startup is an indication that your PC has been recently exposed to some viruses. However, it will appear that these viruses have been removed. This action unfortunately, stops the affected drive from loading and has left some orphaned entries in the Windows system registry. The fact is that, all left over entries in the system registry has to be cleared.

How did the computer get infected?

As soon as a virus program finds its way into your machine, it assigns a PC worm to your system registry. Such malware normally affects Windows operating systems. A handful of servers such as Windows server 2000 or 2003 might also be infected. What this means is that, malware can be transferred from one computer to the other, if they are linked by a network.

It is also possible that you ignorantly downloaded the virus file off the Internet. Once such a file is executed, it will create an entry in the system registry and also modify your system files.

With the aid of the doggy registry entry, the virus can be launched automatically each time the computer starts. In simple terms, your computer start-up process has been hijacked by the virus.

The good thing is that your malware removal tools recognises the files and removes it. However, the system registry is already modified and therefore corrupted.

How to Resolve the Issue

Ordinarily, performing a system restore would restore your system to an earlier state before the problem occurred. However, in a case like this, you may not be able to resolve this particular error by performing system restore. If a system restore is performs, you will certainly have the virus back in your computer system.

It is possible to solve this problem manually by going into your system registry to modify or remove the corrupt entry. However, as much as it is easy to change system files by yourself, it is also very easy to mess up your whole PC system. So, caution has to be taken when editing the registry. Only people know much about computers should try this method.

The best way and safest way is to use an automated repair software that can scan, and pinpoint the issues and solve all of them.


The Run DLL Error on Startup is a Windows operating system error that occurs because a file attached to the boot process has been deleted from the affected computer system, and the Windows system registry has been corrupted.

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