Safety Boots and Gloves Helps to Avoid Injuries

Working in the field or on some construction site often workers face problems with their legs or feet due to walking on an uneven path or standing too long caused a problem in feet. The wrong choice of footwear will further enhance the problem. The fitting of work wear boots is very important, it has the capacity for toes to wriggle that is a 1 cm gap between the end of the shoe and the longest toe.

Safety boots are a basic necessity for the protection of workers. Safety boots should be according to the working conditions and environment. The boots have the ability to avoid slipping and any injury to the foot of a worker. Safety boots that are provided by the employer should meet the standards of the Health and Safety Act and stamped with CE mark. The upper of the safety boot should be made of natural material for comfort. Leather uppers or manmade breathable fabrics are considered better material for the upper of a shoe. An upper is provided with a lining of a smooth and breathable material to keep the foot in a fresh condition. The toe area should be properly designed to support the foot with toe caps.

The insole has the capacity to be removed and adjusted with padding to massage the foot. Safety boot has a broad heel to rest the foot on but not higher than 2 inches. The sole has the capacity to absorb shock and jolts when walking on a hard uneven surface with the quality of slip resistance. Safety gloves protect the hands from the hazards exposed to the hands. The best fitted gloves made of appropriate material are gloves that make you safe from the risk of entanglement with moving parts on machinery. The safety gloves are of good quality if they have strong seams and are shrink resistant. See here

The most popular safety gloves are made of leather. Leather gloves are made in various styles to cater for the needs in different fields of work. Every style of gloves is manufactured for a specific task. They are offered in various colors to choose from. The gloves are found in brown jersey, white jersey, plastic dot and in canvas. It is the responsibility of an employer to provide the correct safety gloves for the work they are dealing with so the workers never harm their hands while performing their duties.

The tasks involved in the work can be tackled with proper work wear. A properly dressed worker gets fewer injuries if something bad happens while working. Safety footwear provides better safety for one’s feet. Safety toe shoes are the best safety shoes for their usefulness. There are steel insole shoes which keep you safe from nail punctures and there are safety shoes with metal instep guards.

Another type of shoes is plastic covers to protect flooring and to stop the spread of germs. It is very important that safety footwear should be both effective and comfortable.