South Africa Average Weather

Johannesburg, South Africa

In Johannesburg, South Africa the mean annual temperature is 16.21C (61.175F). 4.00C (39.20F) is the most cold monthly mean low temperature (to be found in June, July) while 26.00C (78.80F) is the most hot monthly mean max temp measured in January & December. There is an annual range of mean temperatures of 10.00C. Precipitation in South Africa builds up to an average total of 849.00mm (33.43in) per year. Thus mean monthly precipitation is 70.75mm (2.79in). January is the dampest month when an average of 150mm (5.91in) of precipitation occurring during 15 days while in June only 7mm (0.28in) of rain falls over 1 days. South Africa’s climate is subject to an average of 96 days per year with greater than 0.1mm (0.004in) of rainfall. Relative humidity at South Africa averages 59.16666667% over the year. 47% is the lowest mean monthly relative humidity which occurs in August, September and 71% is the highest average monthly relative humidity that presents itself in February. South Africa’s weather has an average of 3182 sunshine hours per year or 8.72 hours per day. There is a range of hours of sunshine from 7.4 per day in March to 9.7 per day in August. There is further information about the temperature in South Africa in August thanks to this quality resource. Visit the link now to go there. Free South Africa climate charts show further information on the sunlight hours in South Africa.

Stockholm, Sweden

In Stockholm, Sweden the average temp is 6.58C (43.85F). -5.00C (23.00F) is the coldest monthly mean minimum temp (that presents itself in January & February) while 22.00C (71.60F) is the most hot monthly average max temperature that takes place in the month of July. The mean temperature range is 21.00C. Wet weather in Sweden accumulates to give us a mean total of 554.00mm (21.81in) per year. Thus mean monthly precipitation is 46.17mm (1.82in). August is the rainiest month when an average of 76mm (2.99in) of rain falling over a period of 14 days while in March only 25mm (0.98in) of rain falls over 10 days. Sweden’s climate has an average of 164 days per year with greater than 0.1mm (0.004in) of rainfall. Relative humidity at Sweden averages 77.83333333% annually. 65% is the lowest mean monthly relative humidity that comes about in May and 88% is the highest mean monthly relative humidity to be found in November. Sweden’s weather is effected by an average of 1973 sunlight hours per year or 5.41 hours per day. There is a range of hours of sunshine from 0.8 per day in December to 10.6 per day in June. Furnish yourself with comprehensive information regarding the weather in Sweden in October at the very useful resource. Just click on the link to find out more. Free Sweden climate charts expose a comprehensive synopsis of the sunlight hours in Sweden.

Paramaribo, Surinam

In Paramaribo, Surinam the mean annual temperature is 27.42C (81.35F). 23.00C (73.40F) is the coldest monthly average minimum temperature (to be found in January, February, March, May, June, July & December) while 33.00C (91.40F) is the most hot monthly average max temperature transpiring in the month of September, October, November. There is an annual range of mean temperatures of 3.00C. Precipitation in Surinam builds up to an average total of 2210.00mm (87.01in) per annum. Thus mean monthly precipitation is 184.17mm (7.25in). May is the wettest month subject to an average of 321mm (12.64in) of rain falling over a period of 26 days while in September only 86mm (3.39in) of rain falls over 12 days. Surinam’s climate receives an average of 237 days per year with greater than 0.1mm (0.004in) of rainfall. Surinam’s climate is subject to an average of 2542 hours of sunshine annually equivalent to an average of 6.96 daily hours. Sunlight hours range from 5.4 per day in May to 9.3 per day in September. Uncover more exact details and insight on the climate weather in Surinam in September on the helpful resource. Visit the link now to go there. Free Surinam climate graphs depict full details about the wet days in Surinam.

Visit Kwa Zulu Natal

Kwa Zulu Natal with its subtropical coastline and Blue seas caters for almost every taste imaginable. It has the grasslands in the eastern Part and the Exquisite Drakensberg Mountain Rangein the western part.

Known as the Zulu Kingdom, this Province is a get together of different cultures. This province boasts with two World Heritage sites namely St Lucia and the Beautiful Drakensberg Range.

Normally a popular tourist destination for people flocking to its popular shores and wonderful surf. It is no wonder that this Provinceis the countries favorite local holiday destination.

Accommodation Kwa Zulu Natal

The weather in Kwa Zulu Natal is known to be eternal summer. Although the temperatures differ from region to region, Kwa Zulu Natal has a great climate and has generous rainfall during the summer months. During the Christmas holiday seasonit can get extremely hot and humid along the Coast of Natal.

Accommodation Amanzimtoti

Sandy Beaches – Along the the Province you will find some of South Africa’s best beaches. Umhlanga Rocks, Ballito, Shaka’s Rock, Shelley Beach, Uvongo, Margate and Ramsgate to just mention a few.

Durban’s Grey Street – Grey Street is home to Durban’s Indian district and is the best place to enjoy spicy local food.

Mountains and Dragon’s – The Drakensberg Area was declared a World Heritage site in 2000. This mountains, bordering Lesotho is a vast Nature Reserveboasting the highest mountain range in South Africa. Known to the Zulus as the Barrier of Spears the Drakensberge or Dragon Mountains are truly spectacular.

Accommodation Ballito

Zulu Heartland – To the west of the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserves one can explore local traditional museums. Near Ondini find the royal courtyard of Cetshwayo, the Zulu King. The fascinating Vukani Collection Museum is found at Eshowe and boasts one of the best collections of Zulu art and culture to be found anywhere

Wildlife viewings – Famous for it’s Rhino conservation programme and wildlife sightings, Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park is the best of Kwa Zulu Natal’s reserves and boasts with a fantastic cross section of wildlife.

World Cup Soccer 2010

As all Soccer Fans knows by now, the World Cup Soccer 2010 will be hosted in South Africa and the country is up in arms getting everything ready for the big event. New Stadiums are being built, roads are being upgraded, and even the Gauteng Train ( a new subway train system) sees the light. Millions are being spent to have everything just right.

Accommodation South Africa is the buzz word on local Guest House owners and Bed and Breakfasts and everybody that has got an extra bed available is thinking about renting it out. Lots of visitors means lots of accommodation required and it means lots of money.
But how should you the visitor decide where to stay and how to get the best deal in Accommodation. Running an Online Accommodation Booking System, I know just how confusing it can be for a foreign visitor to get the right accommodation.

My first suggestion to you will be to start early. Don’t delay when you book your accommodation when you are visiting South Africa for the World Cup.
The second tip that I can give you is not to take just any accommodation. Make sure you get enough information about the Accommodation you are about to rent. Most online booking systems have a way of telling you a lot about the Guest House, Hotel or Bed and Breakfast unit.

The last thing that I would like to bring to your attention is to make use of the South African Tourism Grading Council ratings. In South Africa all accommodation are graded by them from one to 5 stars. Anything from a grade 3 upwards will give you very nice accommodation units. Of course if you convert your pound dollars or euro’s to rands, it is a cheap holiday. Enjoy it..

If you wanrt to experience the most beautiful part of South Africa, one place to visit is the Garden Route in the Western Cape. You can get useful information on Accommodation Plettenberg Bay from our Online Booking System. Plettenberg Bay is regarded as the best holiday town in South Africa.