miniLUK Brain Training Young Explorer

miniLUK Brain Training Young Explorer Complete intellectual development system for age 5-8

miniLUK system was designed to maximize childrens learning through play which is flexible enough to adjust to someone ability. Its content has a definite-to-operate controller with 12 tiles and some workbooks specialized in various intellectual developmental areas.

Effective and proven model Elevated learning

The principle using this strategy is from the to experience and learn concurrently. With vivid illustrations, challenging contents, along with a consistent learning model, miniLUK Brain Challenger provides more complex activities inside the aspects of memorization, concentration, visual perception, logical thinking, linguistic skills, and mathematical skills.

Innovative self-checking design Symmetric pattern with 12 tiles

The elegantly designed controller is made up of 12 tiles in the high-quality plastic case that includes a transparent lid. The whole playing process will promote childrens capability recognize numbers and strengthen their fine motor skills while enhancing their eye-hand and brain coordination. The innovative design incorporates a self-checking mechanism having a unique symmetric pattern.

Most popular children educational product worldwide

The LUK learning system are in reality translated into 16 languages in order that it is intended for parents and educators in 50 countries. Developed from LUK learning system unique design, miniLUK Brain Training series has a complete learning system for the kids from 5 to 8 years. Its ideal for parent-guided playing, independent learning, or small-group playing.

miniLUK Brain Challenger series Combo Pack supplies the most economic value including an entirely range of the miniLUK Brain Training System. They’ve got

miniLUK Brain Challenger series – Colors and Shapes

miniLUK Brain Challenger series – Concentration

miniLUK Brain Challenger series – Critical Thinking

miniLUK Brain Challenger series – Math and Basic Geometry

miniLUK Brain Challenger series – Theme-Based Learning

miniLUK Brain Challenger series – Visual Perception

niLUK Brain Challenger series – Starter Pack including:

miniLUK Controller

My First miniLUK Workbook

Parent Teacher Guide

Skills Chart

This complete system provides essential learning activities and better level thinking skills to finish children’s intellectual rise in areas of memorization, concentration, visual perception, logical thinking, linguistic skills, and basic arithmetic.