European Shares Drop for 8 Straight Weeks

Global stocks slid in recent trading activity as concerns the Greek parliament may not approve austerity measures that are crucial for securing more bailout funds outweighed better-than-expected economic data.

In spread trading, European shares extended their slide to eight straight weeks in the longest losing streak since 1998, with Italian banks tumbling on Greek-related worries.

In share trading, concerns about the long-simmering European debt crisis trumped better-than-expected data on durable goods orders in the United States and German sentiment. May durable goods orders rose 1.9 percent after dropping 2.7 percent in April, the Commerce Department said. Economists had expected May’s orders to rise 1.5 percent.

The Munich-based Ifo think tank said its business climate index, based on a monthly survey of some 7,000 firms, rose to 114.5 in June from an originally reported 114.2 in May.

The Federal Reserve cut its forecast for US economic growth but gave no hint of further stimulus plans. The central bank said the US economy should grow between 2.7 percent and 2.9 percent this year, down from an April projection of growth between 3.1 percent and 3.3 percent.

The Fed’s pledge to continue maintaining interest rates at an exceptionally low level for an extended period indirectly buoyed oil prices because of the policy’s longer-term impact on the dollar.

The euro added to losses after Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said at a news conference that a disorderly default in a European country would roil financial markets and the impact on the United States would be “quite significant.”

Economists said the Fed’s statement after a meeting by the interest-rate setting Federal Open Market Committee offered no surprises.

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Are Their Really Puppy Mills?

Puppy Mills Learn The Shocking Truth About Pet Stores

Pet stores are a very popular place to shop for young puppies and other animals of your choice. There is practically a pet store in almost every city. And it is hard to resist that cute and desperate looking puppy caged up waiting to be taken home. But before you make this decision you really should know a little bit of “insider” information about these pet stores and the origins of the puppies they sell.

What is a puppy mill?

Do you know where most of these puppies come from that you see being sold in pet stores? There are certain breeding centers that cater to high-volume puppy production which sells them to pet stores, which then is sold to you. They are called “puppy mills” and are probably the most disgusting form of dog breeding practices that I have seen.

Disclaimer: Let me be clear on one thing: Not every pet store gets their puppies from puppy mills, but enough research has been done to find that a large majority of stores in the United States do in fact use puppy mills as their resource for pets to sell to the public.

What exactly are puppy mills?

All along the Midwestern portion of the United States, there can be found a number of dog farms whose sole purpose in life is to breed dogs for the profits that they can obtain at the pet stores. As a result, the dogs themselves are treated much like any farm animal in which they are often forced into high volume breeding and often are mistreated.

When you walk into a pet store, you see a few cages staked on top of each other and filled with cute puppies. This concept comes from the puppy mills but is not just two or three cages stacked on top of each other and rows that are maybe 5 cages long, but rather 5 cages by the length of barns stacked on top of each other and in most cases ignored other than feeding times.

Is buying a puppy from a puppy mill bad?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking home one of these puppies, and it is definitely a positive choice to make. On the other hand, many of these dogs have what is called “early stress syndrome” and may grow up to be nervous and frightened dogs which are very hard to instill confidence with training. Of course there are exceptions to the rule with these puppies, however, before you spend your hard-earned cash be sure to know all there is to know about where your puppy came from when considering purchasing from a pet store.

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Information About Wind Energy

The wind energy is among the most environment friendly resources of power generation currently available. Wind energy is also a source of non-polluting, clean, electrical energy. provides loads of good information about micro wind power. The wind energy is cost affordable to some other fuel resources (just like natural gas) and it’s the least expensive of all the renewable sources of energy. Wind energy is the fastest developing energy source on earth, having thousands of new megawatts (MW) of wind energy being produced every year in Europe and the United States. Wind energy can supply about 20% of America’s electrical power, according to Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratory, the federal research laboratory. Wind energy resources helpful for generating electricity are available in nearly all state. For additional information on the subject of wind energy storage just click here.

Wind generators are really complex systems, composed of many various elements. Wind turbines can badly affect surrounding land values. They’re available in a number of sizes, and so power ratings. They can be use for charging the batteries, pumping up water as well as powering the houses.

The wind farms could sponsor many hundreds of wind generators working simultaneously, influencing the aerodynamics of wind power plant and how it can capture energy. Wind farms could be built in as low as one year and one half; then again, setting up of enough transmission lines could take as much as a decade. The following site contains the very best info on the Nikola Tesla Secret reviews. Wind farms also provide the capacity to produce far more electrical power as compared with geothermal or solar installations.

The drawback of wind farms is not difficult; in case farms are situated in places heavily utilized by bats and birds, such as in the migration flyway or in a breeding/nesting location for the species of preservation matter, there is the possibility of significant amounts of rare birds, birds, and/or bats to be unnecessarily murdered every year. Wind turbines as well as wind farms are normally owned and controlled by the local land owners and wind developers, making sure that our energy dollars continue to be inside in the United States, so lowering our reliance upon foreign energy sources.