Technology Makes Wildlife Prints and Posters Very Affordable

From time immemorial, wild animals have provided inspiration for artists. In Africa, this is typified by the rock art or “bushman paintings” of the ancient San people.


Today, with the ever-expanding world population encroaching each day on the natural habitat of wild animals, more and more species are under threat, with some now critically endangered. Fortunately there are many conservation-minded people around the world who realize the importance of preserving what’s left of our wildlife.


Included in this group is a growing number of artists who are turning their skills to wildlife art, for both environmental and commercial reasons.


From photo-realistic drawings to abstract paintings, there is now an awe-inspiring variety of wildlife art available. The best of this is priced accordingly, but that doesn’t mean all good wildlife art is beyond the budget of ordinary folk.


Thanks to advancing technology and falling production costs, outstanding reproductions in the form of fine art wildlife prints, posters, and photographs are readily available at affordable prices.


Superb wildlife images, captured by the world’s leading photographers, are now digitally printed on archival photographic paper, producing vivid, pure colors and exceptional detail.

Always popular among wildlife enthusiasts are elephant prints and posters, particularly the work of those artists and photographers who are skilled in accurately depicting Africa’s largest land mammal.

Like their domestic cousins, Big Cats – tigers, lions, leopards, cheetahs, jaguars – have an enthusiastic following. Fans of these wild felines are fortunate in that their favorite animals are also favored by photographers and artists, thus providing a riveting selection of wild cat fine art prints and posters from which they can choose.


Of course it’s most satisfying to have an original, signed print or photograph, but a first-class reproduction on good quality paper, tastefully matted and framed, will still add a touch of class to any home, den, or office.