The 4 Ways Criminals Get Into A Person’s House And The Way To Prevent It

Homes certainly aren’t invincible, but they usually are pretty sturdy. Hurricanes, snowstorms, and animals can all be kept at bay by a well-made home. Unfortunately, it seems that most homes aren’t very good for protecting people against other people.

In this article I’ll go over the different reasons why homes can be ineffective protection against criminals. You’ll learn exactly what to do to make your home more secure.

The Number One Way Intruders Get Into Homes

The front and back doors are the number one entry points for criminals to use to gain access to people’s homes. Doors are kicked in and locks are picked with great ease. To avoid this problem, homeowners really need to take steps to make their doors, their door frames, and their door locks more secure.

It isn’t very hard to improve on a door’s locking mechanism. A person just needs to replace their old door lock with a nice new one. This new lock should be a modern lock that can’t be picked open in the usual way. It should have both a deadbolt and a lock on the door knob.

Unfortunately, the best lock will be useless if your door can just be kicked in. Increase the security of your door by getting a solid wood or metal door. Once the new door is in place, go ahead and reinforce your door frame. A strong door will not do you any good if the door frame falls apart when kicked.

The second way people easily gain access to a person’s home is through the windows. Window locks prevent quick crimes of convenience, but do not deter determined criminals very well. Anybody with a both can easily kick a standard window until it breaks.

One way to get around this is to buy window film or window bars. This will help reinforce your windows and will ensure that people can’t just kick their way into your home.

Another way to combat this is to buy a great alarm system. A good alarm system will sound the alarm as soon as the window is kicked. This should scare criminals away and alert you to the danger. Get a good alarm system by using Vivint discount code and Protect America discounts .

Of course having an angry dog in the window wouldn’t hurt either. Your dog can bark and your dog can bite.

The third way people can access to other folk’s homes is through second floor windows. Many people feel that second floor windows don’t need to be locked. Unfortunately, savvy criminals are always smart enough to bring a ladder or to climb a tree. These criminals will easily gain access because the window will be sitting their unlocked.

The fourth way criminals gain access to a home is through acting like a utility person or delivery person. They’ll pretend like they need to access the home and the homeowner will simply let them right into the house.