The Best Wine with Chicken

Have some chicken to serve this evening?  A flavor-intense dish like chicken requires a medium white wine. Wine that has too much or too little intensity will affect the flavor of the food or the flavor of the wine.  You will miss the opportunity to enjoy the interplay of the two flavors.  A deep rich flavor in the white wine lacking in acidity or bright fruit is what happens if hot weather warms the vineyard too much.  So look on the label because a hotter region will produce more flabby wine.

We had a some of the bottles out before our guests show up, and kept a few bottles conveniently in our awesome  I correctly identified the aerated wine and believe the flavor and bouquet were subtle, but really nice. Further tasting with other guests confirmed the great pairing with the chicken.  They say the results are a better bouquet, enhanced flavor, and a smoother finish.  Personally, I don’t think red wine or red anything would go with chicken.

You do not want the chicken or the wine to be so overpowering that it cancels out the other flavor. A classic example of a good meal and wine pairing is Goat cheese plus a dry white, like Riesling or Sauternes. It’s a flavor that isn’t tasted too often. The chicken and wine flavor is unbeatable. With the wealth of fresh, vibrant ingredients readily available, you find that wine of similar disposition are what you really like. Preferably, I enjoy a crisp, refreshing white wine. Cool, refreshing and light, this brand of wine goes down nicely with just about everything. Sauvignon Blanc produces crisp, refreshing characterful dry wines, particularly with chicken, but they are seldom as long lived as are the finest whites. 

Some research has found not any discernible difference between the health benefits of drinking white wine versus a red. And other than the chemicals that are unique to wine, alcohol itself can be a powerful and beneficial compound (in moderation, of course); it increases the absorption of other antioxidants.  Wine must be cared for as natural as possible, such as in a 12 Bottle Wine Cellar.  It boosts the level of good (LDL) cholesterol, thins the blood to prevent heart clots, and promotes relaxation, which can help avert stress-induced illnesses.

Did you know wine drinkers rarely suffer from food poisoning, such as salmonella (the leading cause of food poisoning) so it goes great with chicken. The wine’s natural acids combine with its alcohol content to kill bacteria. In fact, there is the story of a fire station in Portugal whose men never contracted the flu as most of the city did and the reason given was because they always drank port wine after their meal.  Did the wine kill off the flu bug?  One certainly could hope.  Another reason to drink a little with your chicken dinner.

Make sure you keep your wine ready to go as we do with a 12 bottle wine cooler that can be set up close to the table and more wine ready to go at a moment’s notice.  You will find that you will enjoy the dinner more when you don’t have to worry about getting up to get more wine every few minutes.  Have a nice meal and enjoy your dessert.