The Growing Trend of Travel Volunteering

Do you want to get out and see the world and do some good at the same time? Cross-Cultural Solutions (CSS) has been a leader in promoting “volunteer travel” since it’s founding in 1995. A lot of people have worked with CSS since their founding and been all over the world. The idea is increasing to combine volunteerism with sight seeing experiences. You can even put together your own vacation through Expedia, Orbitz or Cheap Carribean and a top charity organization like United Way.

There are many companies now operating who will work out a travel plan for you where you can have an exotic vacation and indulging your self in some volunteering to get to know the people. They give you many destinations to choose from along with the definition of the work and the amount of time that you will have to spend at that particular location. The areas of most common interest by people are health care and teaching reading/writing.

Many volunteers seem to be interested in traveling to remote places rather then their usual vacation spots. It is not good only for students but also for business men. They can take their families with them as they and as they are more stable financially they can also help them out with a donation when they volunteer. There are a lot of companies operating to arrange these outings, they can now even arrange your desired activities for you like teaching reading in some far off country for example in China or can opt to become a soccer coach in some far off place. Also some companies have sent volunteers to El Salvador to help rebuild from the recent disaster. We have also seen a lot media people working in Bolivia as professional graphic designers.

The options are limitless for volunteering. There are programs available today, which can make your volunteer vacation very low cost or even free in some cases. Work with the Red Cross, Unicef or Unitd Way and find a cheap package with Travelocity Coupons. If you like volunteering and traveling, try the combiation of both.