The Loveliness of a Couture Bride

You and your man recently got engaged. The proposal was perfectly lovely and romantic. The ring is a stunning tribute to the love that you and your fiancé share. You said, “Yes!” to the man of your dreams. Now comes the fun part…planning your dream wedding! Like any other woman in the world, you have most likely had your special wedding day planned since you were old enough to understand what a wedding is.

Now that you are actually getting married, it is time to put all of the planning to good use to make your day as special and memorable as you can. The most important part of your wedding, without question is your dress. The entire theme of the day will focus around the bride in her dress. Simply putting on a white dress, however, does not make you a bride. Try some beautiful couture accessories to give your wedding dress an individualized touch that will keep your guests talking about how lovely you looked even on your 50th wedding anniversary.

If you desire to really stand out on your wedding day, try choosing a dress plain silhouette without any embellishments on it and instead really jazz up your gown with gorgeous couture accessories. Add some vintage diamond brooches to the straps of your dress to give your look a vintage appeal.

You can even have your hairdresser “sew” a diamond brooch into your hair to give your wedding day hairstyle a special hint of romance. Instead of walking down the aisle with a typical bouquet of flowers, try carrying a vintage Dior fan decorated with painted flowers on it. By simply adding a few special touches with couture accessories, you will certainly stand out as a gorgeous bride on your wedding day.