There is a Selection of Options for Laser Cosmetics

The choice for hair removal lasers leaves you with options when it comes the equipment being used or purchased. There are several types of units available, including high-powered large units, portable devices and small hand held units that you can use in a home environment. Each unit has their benefits, depending on your budget and needs for hair removal.

A high-powered lightsheer system is a cool and pain-free treatment that effectively removes most colors of hair, even on darker or tanned skin tones. The size of the unit is larger and works best in a clinic setting because it is not easy to move around. This unit offers the benefit of also being able to treat skin for toning, rejuvenation and acne removal. A lightsheer laser also treats fine lines and wrinkles that appear as you age. The high-power system works quickly over a larger space than other types of machines are able to handle. The downside to this type of machine is that they are expensive, making it not an option for home use. This large system is best used by a trained professional to get the results desired with hair removal.

Another option for hair removal is a portable device that similar to a laptop computer. These machines pack up and travel well, so you are not confined to treating in a clinic setting. A portable unit works similar to the larger, high end units like lumenis lasers, with many also having the ability to treat fine lines and wrinkles and repair uneven skin tones. This type of system has a moderate price, but is often too expensive for the average person and should be used by a trained professional for best results with a quick treatment.

A small, hand held device has a budget friendly price, which makes this the best option if you want to perform hair removal at home. These units are not as easy to use and offer the same quick treatments as the larger clinic options, but are effective for hair removal. These systems claim to also be pain free and do not cause irritation to the skin at the point of treatment.