Three New Niche Article Directories

Niche article websites can help you promote your website, business, or topic. Three of the newest article directories, Articles About California, Articles About New York, and Articles About Texas have begun accepting authors and articles. All articles will be manually approved. There will not be any mass approvals of articles submitted that are unrelated to each individual state.

Each article directory will be organized to become a search engine favorite by fostering an environment for those doing business or having interests in each individual state: California, New York, and Texas. So if you have interests in these states please become and author and submit articles.

Please follow the submission policy. You may watch the submission policy videos and read the text. As these are niche article directories, we request that you submit articles related to each individual state. If you are submitting an article to our Articles About Texas directory, the article should mention Texas, or Texas cities, or Texas sites and landmarks, or Texas activities, or Texas businesses, or Texas topics, etc. If you are submitting an article to our Articles About California directory, the article should mention California, or California cities, or California sites and landmarks, or California activities, or California businesses, or California topics, etc. If you are submitting an article to our Articles About New York directory, the article should mention New York, or New York cities, or New York sites and landmarks, or New York activities, or New York businesses, or New York topics, etc.

There are a few other simple things required when submitting your articles that will make them more search engine friendly. Just follow the submission policy video and it will make your article more attractive to the search engines.

If you follow these instructions and regularly submit articles you’ll rapidly increase your credibility as a subject matter expert. Stay tuned for the roll out of future Articles About State[s] website.