Time to Integrate Skipping Rope Exercises

What makes skipping so effective? How has it been labeled as one of the top forms of training? The great thing about skipping is that it requires complete coordination of your entire body. With practice you’ll be able to improve your timing and rhythm that is required to do this exercise properly. The brain is also required to work hard as it has to make thousands of calculations to perform a well-timed skip – this helps improve mental focus.

Jumping rope for even an hour can help you burn over a thousand calories – this is really good stuff for weight loss. Jumping rope also helps improve the strength of your heart and boosts your overall cardiovascular health. This post focuses on skipping rope and numerous jump rope cardio workouts exercises that integrate variation to your workout routine.

Although skipping has incredible benefits, its repetitive nature makes it relatively boring to say the least. To help you spice things up, I’ve developed a list of some unique skipping rope exercises to help incorporate variation into your skipping routine. Some are simple combinations while others are difficult movements. I’ve tried a lot of things over the years – everything from changing up my pace to playing around with different foot patterns. I’ve tried many different things. If you have your own skipping rope, try using this jump rope combo right now.

CombinationOn the spot running

This is one of my favorite skipping rope exercises and I use it to complete all of my jump rope. As the name suggests, the idea is to run in one spot so each skip of the rope is one step. When I do this combination it feels as if the rope is going a hundred miles per hour. It’s great for cardio training and improving the muscular endurance in your arms. Give this combination a try and see what happens!