Tips For Finding Shift Scheduling Software

A good company manager has plenty of work-related tasks to perform. An important task is that of scheduling employee work hours. Quality shift scheduling software will make that element of a managers job that much easier. Time is money, and when a good portion of one’s time is taken up trying to figure out employee work schedules, efficiency in the workplace suffers. A manager that is overwhelmed loses productivity.

Good employee scheduling software frees up a manager’s valuable time and makes life easier for everyone. Do you know what to look for when shopping for a good scheduling program? Not knowing what features to look for will make this task an onerous one. Keep these points in mind when you start looking for this software.

To begin with, creating spreadsheets should be an obvious need in your program. But that’s not all. The other things you might need will be employee availability and skill-sets, and their departments or positions.

You should be able to print out either a completed schedule or templates to fill in by hand. If a company website exists, the program should also be able to post schedules to it.

Look for other types of reports that should be available in good shift scheduling software. A report on overtime hours might be useful for some managers. Time off and shift cost reports are good to have, as well. Having these reports available is a huge plus.

Of course, you should not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to use the software, so look for software this is easy to use and provides readable user manuals, as well. Software support is very important to have available. Even the best shift scheduling software is useless if there is no tech support behind it.