Let me tell you a little bit about a sport unlike any other. Let me tell you about a sport that is in a category all by itself. Let me tell you about a sport with unappreciated challenges. Let me tell you why it’s not for sissies.
I’d like to talk a little about the sport of triathlon, and why it is the best. First it is made up of three sports in one. To be the best it isn’t good enough to be just a good runner, or a good, cyclist, or a good swimmer. In fact good in any of these categories is simply not good enough for anything but second place, and second in my opinion is just the first looser.
In most triathlons the order is as follows swim, bike, run. I would imagine that you swim first because race organizers and directors wouldn’t want you to drown from fatigue if it were in any other order. However, I have seen it in different order before.
There are a few different types of triathlon. Let me begin with the sprint distance. This is generally about a 300 to 500 meter swim, followed by a 13 to 18 mile bike ride, wrapped up with about a 5k run. Next is the Olympic/international distance triathlon. This is a bit longer and tougher. It starts with a mile swim, not a walk in the park some people can’t even make it passed the swim. Then you transition to a 25 to 30 mile bike ride. Don’t misunderstand though; this is no casual ride through your neighborhood. Competitive speeds for top level athletes average 20+ miles per hour. Then from the bike you make your way to the 10k run to the finish. Last and certainly not least is the grueling ironman. First you begin with an unparalleled swim of 2.4 miles. Then if you’re still standing upright make your way over to the 112 mile bike portion, which is just as long as some of the Tour De France stages, need I say more. Cap this bad boy off with a marathon distance run of 26 miles 385 yards and you’ve done it.
So, what do you think are you up for the challenge?

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