Try Out Used Golf Clubs

You don’t need to spend a fortune on new clubs. Have you ever considered used golf balls and equipment? You can find great used golf supplies online. There are a ton of places where you will find a wide variety of used golf equipment. Many places have reliable grading systems for their clubs and balls so you can count on getting quality equipment. You don’t have to rely of some hack on eBay where you’re not sure what quality you will buy. Here are some of the best sites for equipment:
3Balls Golf specializes in used and like new brand golf clubs carrying the finest used and like new golf supplies available. If you are looking for a new set of drivers, irons, or a new putter, you will find it at 3Balls with every brand you could want in stock. Titleist, Cobra, Callaway… they have it all. They also carry brand new equipment.

Knet Golf is the home of “Half-Priced Golf Balls”. They carry name brand premium recycled and experienced golf balls. They carry all the leadingbrands from Titleist, Callaway, Dunlop, Nike and many more. In addition to used golf balls, much of their supply comes from golf closeouts, bankruptcies and overstocks.

Callaway Golf Preowned
Don’t want to spend that much on top line golf equipment? You can buy certified Callaway golf clubs and drivers at Callaway Preowned. The website is run by Callaway and they certify all of the clubs that they sell. All equpiment has been completely check out and comes with a 90-day buy back guarantee. Find great quality drivers, woods, irons, putters and everything else you need here.

Don’t the the economy keep you off the course. Try playing with “experienced” golf balls, you can easily cut your cost in half by shopping for used golf balls… Or you could always just put the ball in the center of the fairway and never need another ball. Save some money on your equipment and balls and get out and play.