Want a Cup of Coffee?

I love automatic coffee makers! I know I may sound old, but I remember when my dad used the old fashioned drip coffee maker. Sometimes I would make the coffee for him and it was such a mess dealing with the coffee grounds in this little metal basket. The automatic coffee makers of today are a cinch to clean! When you’re ready to clean them, all you have to do is take out the paper filter, that you previously put in them.

Could it get an easier? The only disadvantage is that sometimes the paper might fall down as the water is boiling, but I fixed this by using several bobby pins to keep the paper in place! Gaggia coffee makers are the perfect solution for those who cannot start their day without their caffeine. Many consider the strong dark shots of espresso to be the only way to drink coffee, and if you’ve ever visited Italy then you’ll be used to how important coffeeis in day-to-day life. In a world of instants and to go’s, coffee mechines are good instruments to help you to show down.

It is also a good way to get your coffee served fresh. Gaggia coffee mechines are one of the most reliable brands on the market. In Milan, Italy, they developed and received a patent for the first machine to make espresso by putting pressurized water over coffee grounds. Gaggia sells a wide variety of machines including traditional, auto, professional and capsule machines.

Those ideal for domestic use are the capsule or the pod mechines, named so because the coffee is premeasured and placed in a pod or capsule. There are many gaggia coffee makers with caffitaly capsules to provide variants like Arabica, Robusta, fine espresso and American blends. Baby caffitaly and evaluation caffitaly are units thet come with a customized extraction system for caffitaly capsules alone. the mechine can also be converted to the traditionalsystem without the use of capsules A Sunbeam on the Shelf One of the things I dislike most about morning is making coffee.

Many years I dragged out of bed and went to the kitchen to make coffee. Even though there are several brands of programmable coffee makers to choose from, coffee makers were not on my mind when I was shopping. As shopping goes, I am a get it and get out shopper. I stick to the list in hand and very seldom give any other items a glance, until about two weeks ago. I took a look to the shoplist that my wife had written for me. They were listed common things lie: milk, bread and other stuff This time however at the bottom of the list just under coffee and filters, she had written programmable sunbeam coffee maker.

I could see several Sunbeam coffee makers on the shelves. I was lost and confused,but I kept looking until – lo and behold – I rounded a corner and found what I was looking for in the next aisle. The end cap between two aisles was filled with a coffee makers. There was only one model on that end cap and a huge sale sign. I knew this was the one.

My wife cant resist a good sale and she was probably tired of hearing grumble as I trudged into the kitchen to start my morning coffee. I love my new sunbeam coffee maker and I love my wife for teaching that it is just as important to stop and look at the sale items as it is to stop and smell the roses.