Weigh Bridge sales and service South Africa

Electronic weighing scales are indispensable for business organizations. They are used by manufacturers, distributors and retail businesses around the world to manage inventory, distribution and sales of their products.  However for proper management of business operations, where flow of raw materials, semi-finished and finished flowing in and out of organization, happens at voluminous and faster rate, industrial weighbridge becomes a necessity. Depending on the weighing requirement of end users there are different types of weighbridge available in the market.


Electronic weighbridges play their role in management of inventories, distribution and sales of the products by accurately measuring their weight in minimal time. Mobile weighbridge, Pit and Pitless weighbridge are different types of industrial weighbridges that are used across different industry verticals for error free weighing operations. A fully loaded truck is directly driven on the weighing platform and weight of the loaded goods is displayed electronically on the screen.


The Pit weighbridge consists of hardened steel platform that is mounted on steel structure placed in concrete lined pit. The steel structure rests on load cells, which are pressure sensitive and generate electric impulse that is converted into weight reading on the display screen. The platform is placed at the same level as the approach road so that loaded trucks are directly driven on the platform for quick and easy weight measurement.


On other hand Pit less weighbridge consists of raised platform made out of structural steel, with four pillars resting on load cells. The weighbridge is placed on the ground surface, unlike Pit weighbridge which is built in a pit. The vehicles are driven on the ramp and onto the platform where reading is noted. Pit weighbridge is built in areas, which are prone to water logging and have rocky soil that makes it difficult to dig pits. Compared to Pit weighbridge, the Pitless type can be easily moved to new location as it is easy to assemble and dissemble.


However where mobility is needed, Mobile weighbridge provides a great alternative because such a weighbridge can be easily shifted to new place in matter of hours.  The load cells do not need hard and plain surface to rest on, as in case of Pit or Pitiless weighbridge, but come enclosed in between top and base of steel structure of mobile weighbridge. With steel ramps on both sides, the vehicle can be easily driven on to weighbridge. The modular structure of such a weighing machine makes it easy transport the entire weighbridge at a short notice to the location of choice. Electronic Weight Bridge is well designed and has robust construction. Besides this there are no moving parts, which ensure long maintenance free, working  life.