What to look for in a wedding photographer

Things I Am Considering While Looking For Wedding Photographers

I am trying to hire a photo expert for my best friend’s wedding and I am running into a few rotten apples. I have figured out that there are quite a few things I should consider when looking for wedding photographers. The first thing is that we need to find someone that has references. Just because you show a few pictures that does not mean that you had a positive experience with the client. I would have to say that three or four references would allow me to get a good picture of what type of experience I can expect her to have.

The other thing I notice is that a lot of people have digital cameras that are not even professional grade. If that was the type of pictures we were looking for I would take all of the photos myself. Professionalism and the ability to take great pictures mean everything. Are these people not aware that people are willing to pay them top dollar to preserve their memories, so they only want the best that is available out there? This process is a lot more frustrating than I thought that it was going to be. Be sure to be thorough though in your search because you should look out for the best possible talent and price. We chose Camarie Photography because she is great! If you want her number contact us and we will give that to you!