Wheatgrass – Revealed

You have probably listened to people discussing wheat grass at some point over the last few years. Whether you’ve overheard discussions at work or family member already utilising some of the many various types of wheat grass but if you are like a lot of people, you may still not understand wheatgrass or the true healing power wheat grass contains.

Wheatgrass is simply the young blades of grass grown from wheat grain. When the wheatgrain is soaked and planted it begins to develop shoots within a few days. A few days after this these shoots grow into blades of dense green grass. Within 8-10 days the wheatgrass can be ready for processing, Its woth noting at this stage that whilst the wheatgrass already is abundant in high levels of minerals it has not had the required time to process complex carbohydrates which can be found in wheatgrass grown over winter.

As soon as the wheatgrass is ready to be processed it is usually turned into various forms, which can include wheat grass powder (Mainly made by drying and crushing the wheat grass blades into an extremely fine powder) wheat grass capsules (basically the powdered wheatgrass capsulated for ease of consumption) wheat grass tablets (again usually the powder cold pressed into tablet form) and wheat grass juice. (The wheat grass blades are juiced in a specialist wheatgrass juicer which crushes the juice out of the wheatgrass without destroying vital nutrients.)

Any of the various forms of wheatgrass are packed with an abundance of health boosting attributes, with a large range of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. Wheatgrass also consists of an impressive 70% chlorophyll, which is very similar to blood due to its DNA structure. This means that our bodies can utilise the nutritional content in wheatgrass extemely easily.

Wheatgrass has been used for decades but it has only recently become popular in the UK and you can now find it online and at many juice bars. It has been used for many medical ailments and can be used topically for external skin complaints like eczema and acne. Taken internally it can even help purify the blood supply replenishing it with vital nutrients that are essential for optimum health.

Disclaimer: This post is created from data freely available in the press and medical journals. For medical advice you should discuss your condition with a medical practioner.