Where BMI Airlines Flies To And Where They Originated From


Frequent fliers would agree that BMI Airlines, though not the most publicized airline in the world, is a leader in the industry. This lack of notoriety, however, does not mean that those that use this airline are not provided with exceptional service. In fact, if you take a look at the many cities they serve, and some of the perks and specials they offer, you may be tempted to try them next time you fly.


Special packages that include nightly accommodations at reduced rates, and lower plane tickets, are also offered by BMI Airlines, along with their regular flights. The special packages are offered at different times, so if you have a trip planned in the future, you should look at BMI’s website to see what they are offering. When you are taking a trip, it is best to do it when you can take advantage of the special prices on the flight and all of the accommodations. BMI Airlines also has loyalty programs that allow frequent flyers to save even more, so this is worth looking into if you’re someone who travels a lot.


While BMI Airlines is mainly known as a British airline, the fact is that they fly to a very large number of destinations around the world. BMI would be a smart selection for example, if you need to fly to a destination like Saudi Arabia or Damascus as in recent years BMI began to offer more flights to such places.


A website is even available in Arabic. Apart from the fact that BMI flies to so many places in the Western Europe region, they also supply arrivals and departures to an array of spots in Central Asia and Europe. If your travel plans include Moscow or Johannesburg, for instance, you can get there via BMI. Certain international flights will require a connecting flight in the United Kingdom if you start out in the United States or a different place in Europe.


Since a lot of the flights supplied by British Midland Airlines are lengthy, it’s smart to have a few things to occupy you. Although it depends on which flight you are riding on, British Midland International contributes a vast assortment of internet games, movies and music. Voyager, their in flight magazine is available to all passengers and contains interesting stories and features about travel, entertainment, lifestyle and technology. One can keep themselves engaged in Business Class with their wireless computer or phones since dataports are supplied.


Assuming you are taking a longer flight to a destination like Saudi Arabia or Russia, they offer supplementary movies and channels for your enjoyment. There are onboard games like Tetris, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Hangman to hasten the time on certain flights. Offering destinations in many different cities around the world, BMI Airlines provides all of its customers with great service. This airline also provides rewards programs that can help you save money and earn flights as you fly to and from your destinations for business. It’s therefore recommended that anyone looking for a reliable and customer friendly airline for their travel needs take a closer look at BMI Airlines.

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