Who is the Boss: You or the Clothing Designers

The clothing designer asked the client, “Iced out or maxed out?” The client asks back, “what suits me?” or “is pink the new black?”

The creators of these clothes, also called clothing designers, make a killing out of ‘desperate’ for acknowledgement of self and/or desire for an ‘up’ status. Are they rely on sugar-coated advertising, or are they really starting trends that come with the times? Whoever said time brings the trend? No it is people, creators!

The designers themselves do not run out of ideas. They just slowly fade into the background along with their trends until they come up with new trends and starts the cycle all over again. Then you can buy their discount designer clothing cheap.

Most of them, some believe, would use new and innovative methods in this process of persuasion to sell and to exceed the expectations of their role models/idols. When do they become the protégé (do they ever)? Who decides on this; retail marketing, previous clothing designers, or the people? 

Are there any people’s choice awards available for them?  Indeed it is we who choose what we wear, whether our motive behind that choice is supported by influence on our characters or the one time we discover ourselves. 

Discount Clothing Designers
Are Clothing You with Inspiration

In my opinion, cheap designer clothes play an integral part in our society.  Not as those who decide what we wear, but encourage how to help us realize what suits us as individuals.  They are the people who discover, create and even recreate what has been seen as an old trend, old school (vintage). 

They work with themes using ideas from history, environmental topics, current affairs or something seemingly simple like color. Not just any color but which color is in season now.  For example; green is the new black, as far as is known its Oprah’s favorite color.  It represents life and brings with it new things.

Clothing designers bring new things into society, and by this I do not only mean clothing, they set the pace for various sub-cultures.  They raise the bar for the upcoming new clothing designers.  They make a name for themselves and an honest living utilising the power of their mind and hands.  This should be an example to aspiring creators and inventors to just do it.  to believe in their ideas and talents even in the face of fear. 

Many laughed at Walt Disney, Henry Ford, and the Wright Brothers during their time. They were branded as people with outrageous ideas but look at their ideas now! Some clothes may seem out of place but somebody believes they should be in the window store one way or another. Be it for fame, money, or challenging the norms, these weird designs may suddenly become the in thing a few years from now.